House of Cards!

Before I show you the card I made yesterday I just need to say that I don’t think I’ll ever want to build another house. We moved and have been renting while we supposedly got the house built. Well, we have been here nearly a year and a half and have not even started the house. There were many reasons for the delay, but for at least the last 6 months we have been trying to get started and just keep hitting road blocks. I am getting really frustrated.
But it just makes me know how much more I will love the house when we do get it built! While I’m complaining, I’ll just add, I’m tired of the rain, too!

Here is the card I made for several of the weekly challenges on Splitcoast Stampers.



About pvilbaum

I love lots of crafts, but I really love making cards. I'm a real Cardiack! Since I was 7 or 8 I have always been doing some sort of craft project but in 1996 I joined Stamping Up! I had only been to about 2 demonstrations before I knew I might as well just dive in. I have been making cards since then along with a few (very few as my daughter's would say) scrapbook pages.
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